Sam Bright


I am currently the Head of Curriculum for STEM, this means I look after the Science, Construction, Engineering, Computing and Digital Media, and Horticulture curriculum. I have been in education for over 30 years teaching Biology and Chemistry in secondary schools in Scotland, England then in Germany and lectured from level 2 in science to degree level in both Biology and Chemistry. I loved trying to get across to young adults that practicals are fun in any course, at any level, but especially STEM subjects. The more interactive and messier the better! It’s why I helped to run the Moray Science Festival for over 10 years which morphed into the annual Moray STEM week. I now run this every year in March, for all ages in education, from nursery children to teachers.

I have managed all the curriculum areas I now look after which means I know all my staff really well and support them and the STEM students through all the new challenges in delivering our STEM curriculum as a senior manager at UHI Moray.

About Me: I have jumped out of a plane for my 30th, climbed many mountains and hope to wing walk on a plane soon, I love colourful clothes and have supported Scotland rugby team for over 40 long years! I also have a signed Chemistry periodic table by Glenn Seaborg who won the Noble Prize in 1951 in Chemistry, for his work on Plutonium.