Stephen Duff


As a Core Skills lecturer at UHI Moray, I teach a wide range of students from engineers to accountants, artists to childcare workers.  My focus is on improving communication skills, the ability to tackle the challenges of report-writing, delivering presentations and reading documents carefully to summarise the key points, as well as evaluate effectiveness.

I enjoy the fact that what I teach is so relevant to real life.  Whether checking a credit card’s small print or writing to the Council about an important issue that needs resolved, there are a plethora of ways in which strong writing, speaking and reading skills enable us to flourish.

Before joining UHI Moray in September 2010, I spent three years teaching in Secondary schools located in Glasgow, Aberlour and Lossiemouth.  I teach Higher English at UHI Moray, which allows me to share my passion for quality literature and creative writing.

About me: I have two wonderful children and an amazing wife.  I like to play basketball, tennis and football, as well as explore interesting scenery, whether Bow Fiddle Rock near Cullen or the brilliant Castlehead Wood viewpoint, just beside Keswick in the Lake District.