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In line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 the College has published:

Cyber-security incident delays publication of Public Sector Equality Duty reports for university and academic partners: On 30 April 2021, all Scottish Public Bodies are required to publish reports on Equality Mainstreaming, Equality Outcomes, Annual Employee Data and Gender Pay Gaps, to meet Scottish Public Sector Equality Duty. This includes University of the Highlands and Islands, and 10 Academic Partners, including Moray College UHI. Publication of these reports has been unavoidably delayed for reasons outlined in this statement: Statement - Public Sector Equality Duty reports for university & APs. We continue to keep the Equality and Human Rights Commission informed and will publish our reports here as soon as possible.

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The College is committed to involving students, employees and other stakeholders as it works to ensure that equality considerations underpin its strategic development.

Consultation will continue as an on-going process whereby the College can satisfy itself that all relevant groups are being consulted in the establishing and revision of equality outcomes.

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Moray College UHI works with Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges, to support the development of advanced procurement across further and higher education sector in Scotland.

In recognition of this support and in order to fully comply with Scottish Government procurement policies and European procurement legislation, a range of policies and procedures in this area are under development.

In accordance with the Procurement Reform Act 2014, we will be publishing our Contracts Register on 18 April 2016.

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