All staff have a duty of care to respond appropriately to any protection concerns relating to the young people we come into contact with.

  • Staff are here to listen to any concerns that you have for yourself or a fellow student.
  • Staff will not make assumptions about whether harm/abuse has taken place.
  • Staff want to reassure you and will be sensitive to any anxieties you have. Staff cannot guarantee confidentiality.
  • Staff will have to pass on information to the College Safeguarding Co-ordinator or appropriate contact and ensure that you are kept safe.
  • Staff will record everything you tell them and will keep you informed of what happens at every step of the process.

Click to view the full Safeguarding PolicySafeguarding Policy - Appendix 1 and the Safeguarding Procedures.

Remember you can speak to any staff member if you have any concerns. However, college staff with specific responsibility for Safeguarding are:

Senior Safeguarding Manager Derek Duncan 01343 576433 
Safeguarding Lead Heather Henderson 01343 576269 / 07835029918 
Safeguarding Officer Nicole Hyslop 01343 576456 / 07835029908