Leisure and Short Courses


If you are just looking for the opportunity to learn and have a bit of fun at the same time then why not have a look at our leisure courses below.

The closing date for applications is Monday 11 April 2022

Sign-up using the Moray College UHI Postal Booking Form

For further details please contact us on 01343 576000 or email leisurecourses.moray@uhi.ac.uk

Courses may have additional charges for materials. Leisure courses do not qualify remission of fees.

Please note: Classes will not take place on Monday 2nd May due to college holiday.

Art and Design for Leisure content

Art and Design for Leisure

Art and Design for Leisure

The tutor will help you develop your skills from looking at our subject through to sketching and finishing your work using a wide variety of media to suit your interests.

The course is delivered in a relaxed and fun way to let you express your inner artist.

Duration: 8 weeks
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Start Date: 26 April 2022
Cost: £96

Photography: Let's Take Better Pictures content

Photography: Let's Take Better Pictures

Photography: Let's Take Better Pictures

In this course you will learn how to take control of your camera and how to take stunning images. You will learn about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, lighting and composition.

This is a great opportunity to attend a course delivered by Lenny Smith of Studio 8 Photography, a world recognised photographer who has won many national awards.

Duration: 8 weeks
Day: Monday
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Start Date: 25 April 2022
Cost: £75

Arabic: Beginners content

Arabic: Beginners

Arabic: Beginners

This class provides an introduction to spoken and written Arabic and an insight into the middle Eastern culture and customs.

No experience required.

Students are advised to have the book “Mastering Arabic” by Wightwick and Gaafar with them in the first class.

Duration: 8 weeks    
Day: Tuesday
Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Start Date: 26 April 2022
Cost: £75

Spanish: Beginners content

Spanish: Beginners

Spanish: Beginners

In this course you will learn the basics of the Spanish language through the spoken and written word including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation to enable you to confidently communicate in Spanish.

The course will cover:

  • Reading basic signs, getting around on public transport, staying safe, and dealing with various situations
  • How to shop and order food, and how to bargain
  • Asking for help with basic health issues

There is an element of self-study. You are advised to bring pens, a notepad and a Spanish/English dictionary.

Duration: 8 weeks
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6.30pm - 8pm
Start Date: 26 April 2022
Cost: £55

Italian: Beginners content

Italian: Beginners

Italian: Beginners

This foundation course will give you the confidence to talk in the following topics:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Describe your family and your house
  • Hotels, camping, services, holidays, travel and transport
  • Shopping, food and drink
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Hobbies, school and employment

You will also learn about Italian traditions and local customs as well as the basic language. You will try authentic Italian food recipes for homework and original songs with lyrics.

There is an element of self-study. You are advised to bring two or more different colours of pens or highlighters, a notepad and an Italian/English dictionary.

Duration: 7 weeks
Day: Wednesday
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Start Date: 27 April 2022
Cost: £65

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update content

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Our priority is to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff. We will continue to review government guidance and will inform you of any further changes to the information provided about your course. On-campus activities, practical sessions and placements will be in line with Scottish Government public health measures and guidance.

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19) we are implementing the following measures to ensure the safety of our staff, students and visitors:

  • Classes will take place in rooms with plenty of ventilation
  • Students will be required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire on commencement of the course
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout
  • Touch points are wiped frequently and hand sanitiser available throughout the building

Any questions or queries please email: leisurecourses.moray@uhi.ac.uk