What funding is available


When you complete a funding application for the College’s Further Education Student Support Funds or for SAAS funding, you will be asked questions about all of the below. You will be asked for documents to verify some of this information, but as the information is about you, you should be able to provide these documents.

If the course is full time or part time

If you have studied before at that level or above

What your personal circumstances are

What your and your family’s income is


The information below about funding for your age and circumstances are summaries from our Let's get your funding sorted booklet, you can get more information about the funding mentioned in the booklet.

Funding for:

Funding for students in Scotland is based on the eligibility criteria set out in the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) or SAAS funding policies.  For the college to provide you with money to fund your studies you have to qualify for support from these funds or from funding from your home country.