Student Thoughts: Higher English

We spoke to former Higher English students, Caitlin and Craigh to hear their thoughts on the course.

How did you find the mode of teaching on the course and the support you received from your tutors and lecturers?

Caitlin: Brilliant – the lessons and teaching were of a very high standard; the online resources were fantastic, everything was very well organised and our teacher was very helpful and motivating. I had great support throughout and felt comfortable seeking assistance whenever I needed it.

Craigh: The teaching was very in-depth and delivered at the right pace. A mixture of individual and group work to encourage the sharing and development of ideas/techniques which are required for the understanding of the materials. 

What knowledge, skills and experience did you gain?

Caitlin:  Improved grammar and vocabulary, Increased appreciation for english literature, Improved writing skills, Improved reading skills. I also gained a qualification required for teaching 

Craigh:  The course provided me with the ability to analyse pieces of writings to understand and identify the authors reason for the language they use, what effect sentence structure can have and the tone it creates. I have also gained a better appreciation of poetry and dramatic work.

The lectures were very engaging, involving the students by asking for our input rather than just spoon feeding us the information, which enhanced learning. Once we gave our thoughts the lecturer would always recap and give any bits we had missed. If I missed and lessons due to work/illness, the lesson/tasks were always updated to Brightspace very quickly and an email sent to all students to say what was missed and any tasks we had for homework.

It was all extremely well organised and learning supported with fantastic handouts for revision or practice.

Lastly, What where your highlights of studying with us?

Caitlin: Quality teaching and excellent opportunities

Craigh: Getting to work with the lecturers and learning new skills to achieve a qualification I had struggled with at school. The resources available from the campus and the staff.

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