Blog: Siobhan Donnison, Career Ready Intern

At UHI Moray, we are proud of the opportunities we provide for young people through our courses and real work experience. We spoke to Keith Grammar School pupil, Siobhan, who joined teams across our Moray Street campus as part of her Career Ready internship. The Career Ready programme offers post-16 students real experiences of the world of work through paid work placements to allow them the opportunity to develop vital career skills and kickstart their futures.

Hi Siobhan! Can you start by telling us why you decided to get involved with the Career Ready programme?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what a working environment looks like as I've never worked in one before. It also gave me a chance to see different jobs before I decide what to do for my future.

Career Ready pairs you with a mentor and you do the internship with them. I was lucky enough to be paired with someone who worked at UHI Moray, so I got to do my internship here.

What departments did you work in during your time with us?

I worked with Marketing, Student Services/Library, Events and Employability.

Photo of Siobhan, our career ready intern in 2022, and Jacqui Taylor, Head of Marketing an External Relations, standing at a stall at the RAF Adult Learners Day

What tasks and activities did you do during your internship?

I assisted with the coordination, training and support provided by the Employability team. I learned the importance of social media for a larger audience. I also rebranded informational PowerPoints and did website work for the Marketing team. I got to see how an event is run, and I worked in the library as part of Student Services, plus lots more.

What skills do you feel like you have developed?

I learned what a working environment is like and how everyone helps each other. I have also developed my teamworking skills through working with people I've never met.

What do you enjoy doing outside of school and work?

I enjoy listening to and playing music. I play the flute and the piano. I also love drawing and painting.

What are your goals for the future?

Since I love art, I would like to go to university and study art. After this I would like to go on and do graphic design or illustration. My internship has helped me understand what I want from a job.

If you could invite any 3 people to dinner, who would it be any why?

  • Ludovice Einaudi – he is my favourite composer and I'd like to ask him what inspires him.
  • Salvador Dali – His artwork is very inspiring to me so I'd live to meet him and ask what inspired him.
  • Olivia Colman – she just seems very nice, and I'd love to meet her. 

What has been the best thing about your time with us?

Meeting and working with everyone. Everyone I have met has been nothing but nice.

Photo of Siobhan, our career ready intern in 2022, sat at a table in a meeting with Alanna from Marketing and Lorna from Events

How would you describe your experience at UHI Moray in 3 words?

So much fun.

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone considering doing a Career Ready internship?

Do it! Even if you are paired with a company or business you aren’t interested in you will gain experience of working and so many new skills.

A group photo of Siobhan and various staff members from UHI Moray who supported her during her internship