Jackie Andrews


My role at Moray College UHI is to work with partner organisations to make sure that college is helping support the community to develop and prosper. I started at Moray College UHI as an Admin Lecturer in 1989, and since then I have had lots of other jobs within the college. I have been working with school and college colleagues on developing the senior phase provision for a long time.

I think coming on the Senior Phase at college is an excellent opportunity for young people to study in a different environment, meet people from different schools and prepare themselves for their future whether that is going straight into work or education.

Moray College UHI is an excellent place to study; the staff are experts in their field.  To name but a few we have qualified Accountants, Beauty Therapists, Engineers and Artists.  If you are studying Hospitality, you will be working alongside a Chef lecturer. If you are studying Construction your lecturers will have all been apprentices, been on the tools with time served.  If you want to go into Nursing, then our lecturers in that area are or have been Registered Nurses. What an amazing wealth of knowledge to support you on your journey!

About me: I like reading a lot, always fiction because I have enough facts in my life, and I really like to lose myself in a story. I am involved with the local community, a member of Elgin Rotary Club, Elgin Town Hall for the Community and Moray Women’s Aid.

Unusual fact about myself: I have a three-legged rescue dog called Kia!