Val Spark


I’m a lecturer in Psychology N5, it is my responsibility to deliver content relevant in psychology, preparing pupils for the final exam and make them effective learners. This course builds on pupils knowledge, autonomy and prepares them for Higher or University level study.

College gives a different learning environment for where some feel traditional learning hasn’t been an enjoyable experience for them. Students take ownership of their education, are given honest feedback and the opportunity for growth. Moray College UHI is a positive learning environment and students are shown they can achieve! I love to use the Brightspace rewards to give acknowledgement to students of their little achievements and I think all lecturers should use it as gives students a boost.

I am of the mindset that I have 2 biological kids and I foster 270 others for the year!

A bit about me... I love to exercise run, cycling and walk my dogs. I also love reading historical and detective novels.

An unusual fact about me is that I found out by doing my family tree that my relative was a cartographer (makes maps) he travelled with Darwin mapping his travels with the Voyage of the Beagle.