Cindy Gee


My role is to support all young people doing a Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) at Moray College UHI.  

The FA allows pupils to have the security of getting to stay at school but get to experience not only college life but work experience too.  It is hard work, but the experience part is invaluable and can really help them going forward, even helping them to decide if this is a career they really want to work in.   It also allows them to build their confidence and helps with all elements of communication – talking to their peers, work colleagues, the public etc.  They are getting to watch and see and learn from others in the workplace which will hopefully help them shape how they want to be too. 

I have worked at the college for over 22 years in various roles.  I truly believe in our part in the community and what that means for people and really am a lifelong learner myself! I genuinely love my role as an FA Coordinator and do feel like we are making a difference and helping people and I get a lot of satisfaction from that. 

About me: I love travelling the world (well used to !) and animals, more recently got back into horses again… (young daughters) this keeps me pretty busy.  I love nothing more than a good book or jigsaw when away in our caravan and just having fun.  Life is to be lived and you need to live like you mean it. 

Unusual Fact: I can be quite impulsive and when I was 22, decided that I needed a change and went to the American Embassy in my lunchtime in Edinburgh and promptly signed up for an Au-pair in America programme.  6 weeks later I was living and working in Cincinnati. It was a fantastic year and I was fortunate enough to get to travel to loads of places in the USA, Bahamas etc as well as meet some great people.