Coronavirus (Covid-19)


The University and partner Colleges continues to monitor the advice regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 closely. The wellbeing of staff and students is our priority.


All 14 principals of the university and the colleges and research institutions which make up our university partnership continue to meet and work together to coordinate the university’s response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

Advice is changing quickly, you MUST keep an eye on your student email accounts.

If you are a student and have further questions or concerns then your first point of contact should be your course leader e.g. personal academic tutor or use the Red Button

If you need to contact the college in an emergency please email and our support teams will respond as soon as possible.


Advice and support available for businesses


All Moray College UHI support services will continue to operate remotely, please see the range of services available below.

College Campus Access content

College Campus Access

College Campus Access

Students are no longer able to access College buildings. Information to all students and staff has been provided by email in relation to contact with teaching staff and this document also outlines key support staff contacts.

Payment of Student Support Funds content

Payment of Student Support Funds

Payment of Student Support Funds

COVID-19 Emergency Protocol

As of 17 March 2020, until classes and placements resume you will be granted Authorised Absence, with an expectation you engage in online learning where it is being provided for you by staff. Payment of your Student Support Fund award(s) of funds will be paid as follows:

  • EMA will be paid in full in the normal way on the scheduled date (please remember there are no payments for holiday weeks and this has not changed).
  • FE Bursary Maintenance Allowance for living costs will be paid in full in the normal way on the scheduled date. Travel Allowance for weeks after the Easter holiday weeks where the college remains closed will be cancelled. This will be reinstated from the week when classes resume.
  • FE & HE Discretionary Hardship Funds will be paid in full in the normal way on the scheduled date.
  • FE & HE Childcare - Please submit Childcare Expense Claim forms for term weeks only to Student Services email account (please remember there are no payments for holiday weeks and this has not changed). Mobile phone photos of the whole front page claim forms will be acceptable.

Student Finance staff will be working from home with effect from 4.30pm on 18 March 2020 and will endeavour to provide our services in the normal way, as far as possible. Communication with us will continue using the normal channels of the Hub account and the email account.

Student Residences content

Student Residences

Student Residences

Students who have already chosen to leave their residences will be released from their contracts at the end of April. Those who are still living in residences will be able to remain and stay longer than their tenancy agreement if they need to.

Find out more.

IT and Brightspace Support content

IT and Brightspace Support

IT and Brightspace Support

UHI LIS team guidance
Please check the support guides before contacting the service desk.

Contact service desk 
Please note that IT teams around the partnership are likely to be very busy at this time.

Support accessing Brightspace

Learner Support content

Learner Support

Learner Support

Although the Learner Support team cannot provide face to face support at this time, the team will endeavour to provide support for students remotely via phone, email, Skype for Business and/or Cisco Webex.

Personal Learning Support Plans (PLSPs), study support and wellbeing can be delivered in this way so please contact Anne Taylor or the member of staff who has been supporting you, to discuss how best we can make this work for you.

The College support team are aware that this is a stressful and uncertain time for all so please, feel able to contact even if it’s just for a reassuring chat.

All Learner Support Staff will be available via email and will be in continued contact with each other.

If you are unsure of the staff member in Learner Support that you have been working with (name or contact details) please contact Anne Taylor and she will ensure that they receive the message.

Useful information

Anne Taylor, Learner Support Manager:

Elaine Massie, Learner Support Clerical Assistant:

Study Bar at Main Campus

If you are new to the study bar please contact:

  • Anne Findlay
  • Karen Henderson
  • Fiona Cumming
  • Joan Scott (also covering Linkwood Technology Centre)


For new referrals please contact Anne Taylor.

  • Louise Calder
  • Linda Reid

PLSP/Disability Support

For new referrals please contact Elaine Massie.

  • Anne Taylor
  • Linda Reid
  • Helen Wallach
  • Sarah Zakeri
  • Anne Findlay
  • Karen Henderson

The Scottish Government is providing accessible videos on Covid-19 updates. The British Deaf Association also has a number of resources and relevant information on BSL.

Student Guidance content

Student Guidance

Student Guidance

The student services team will continue to provide support remotely for all student guidance issues, including safeguarding concerns.

All queries for current students should contact:

Learning Development Workers

The LDW team will continue to make contact during support throughout the closure period:

  • Fiona McDonald
  • Lorraine Campbell
  • Ian Folly
  • Liz Masson
Guidance Support for New Applications for Session 20/21 content

Guidance Support for New Applications for Session 20/21

Guidance Support for New Applications for Session 20/21

Interested in starting college or university in September 2020? Need information on our courses and student finance? Please let us help and advise you with all this and more!

Although campus access is not permitted, the guidance team are still working remotely and can help and support you, contact: 


Library Services content

Library Services

Library Services

Some changes to services have been implemented:

  • All outstanding loans have been renewed until mid-April
  • All overdue notices have been switched off
  • All inter-site loans have been suspended

As the library is not staffed, we won’t be able to send books to students and staff home addresses.

Please, make the most of our e-resources.

Finally, we ask that all requests to Moray College UHI library be made via email: or if it concerns issues with accessing online resources, via Unidesk.

Admissions 2020/21 content

Admissions 2020/21

Admissions 2020/21

Our admissions process is changing due to the restrictions on face to face meetings. Further education applicants will no longer be required to attend a pre-start interview, instead, all applications will be reviewed by the academic course team.

Academic course teams will base their decision on current qualifications, pending qualifications and the personal statement provided.

The outcome of an application for both further and higher education direct applicants will be communicated through the e-mail address provided during online application, it is essential that you monitor this e-mail address.

There is no change to the process for UCAS applicants, details of application outcome will be accessible through the online UCAS track service.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

We will endeavour to respond to all applications for admission as soon as possible.

College Nursery content

College Nursery

College Nursery

The Nursery Manager will continue to provide updates to all parents and carers.

Please email any questions or concerns to Patricia Eddie: