Important Information: Action Short of Strike

As you may be aware, teaching staff who are part of the Educational Institute of Scotland’s Further Education Lecturers' Association (EIS-FELA) recently voted in favour of taking continuous action short of a strike (ASOS). This action began in early May 2023. This means some lecturers are withholding student results from our systems and will not carry out duties beyond their contractual requirements.

Any industrial action will have an impact on the operations of the College, and in particular, some students’ results may not be recorded at this time. We want to minimise the impact on you as much as possible.

Please note that this is a nationwide dispute that cannot be resolved through local negotiations with UHI Moray. As a College, we are continuing to support ongoing negotiations at national level between the College Employers Association and EIS-FELA and strongly hope that further discussions can resolve the dispute and bring the boycott to an end.

How will I know if this affects me?

Ordinarily, final confirmed marks and awards are issued to students by letter after the Course Achievement and Progression boards in early July.

This year, all students will receive a letter from the College in mid-July detailing those results that have been confirmed; those results that are outstanding as a result of ASOS, and any outstanding work that has yet to be completed by the student.

What we are doing:

The College’s Course Achievement and Progression boards have been running as planned, and where possible results, awards and progression will be confirmed by letter in July. We will strive to issue students with final awards wherever this is possible.

Any unconfirmed results will be extended and considered at the next Progress Board.

What we cannot do:

Many of the qualifications that we deliver are not awarded by us, they are awarded the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) or other awarding bodies. The SQA has not yet made any announcements regarding how awards will be processed in the absence of missing marks, but it is likely that certificates for SQA awards will not be provided by the SQA until results for all units are recorded. We cannot issue certificates or formal statements of attainment on behalf of the SQA or any other awarding body.

I am currently studying at UHI Moray and would like to progress:

If you intend to progress to a further qualification within UHI Moray, and you have been impacted by ASOS, you will be able to progress to your next level of study unless there is compelling evidence from your academic record to suggest that you are unlikely to successfully complete that award (e.g. if your confirmed results indicate that you would not be able to successfully pass your current programme of study). Note that you may still need to complete any resits that may be required to ensure that you can be properly certificated for your current programme of study, and that you will be able to amass the correct number of credits for any future certification and graduation.

If you are currently studying at degree level, you will already have been contacted by UHI with information about progression and completion of your studies.

I am completing my qualification at UHI Moray and would like to move on to employment or further study elsewhere:

For those students who are looking to progress to another institution or into employment, we will do all that we can to provide evidence of verified attainment to date. However, we can not issue certification for awards, nor can we issue academic transcripts for units of assessment that have not been fully verified. We have no control over how other Colleges or Universities will process and require evidence towards their entry requirements. Any flexibilities in response to ASOS will be for them to decide.

I am planning to study at UHI Moray and have a conditional offer

If you are awaiting Higher or any other National Qualification results (e.g. National 5s), once your result has been released from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) on 8 August 2023, we will be in touch soon after with your offer.

If you are awaiting any other SQA certification (e.g. NC/ HNC / HND) or any College Certificate awards from another institution, and this has been impacted by ASOS, we will allow you to enrol on your programme provided you inform the College as soon as possible of any resits that may be required. This is to ensure that you have gained the correct number of credits for any future certification and graduation, and to ensure that you are aware of any potential additional costs.

Will I be able to graduate?

At this stage, it is too early to be able to confirm to individual students whether they will have their awards and be able to graduate. UHI Moray is still planning to hold its Graduation Ceremonies at Elgin Town Hall on 6th October 2023. We are working to consider what options will allow the most students to participate in their ceremony.

This is impacting on my wellbeing, where can I get help?

We realise this situation is upsetting and frustrating for you. Where you are concerned that this is having an impact on your health and wellbeing, or that of someone you know, please do reach out – we have a range of support available.

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