Blog: Ellie Sherwood, Beauty and Aesthetic Therapies (SCQF Level 6) student

We spoke to Ellie, one of our Beauty and Aesthetic Therapies students about her journey and goals for the future.

Hi Ellie, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Ellie and I'm studing the Beauty and Aesthetic Therapies (SCQF Level 6) course. I have had a huge interest in beauty ever since I was little so therefore I knew I wanted to study beauty to build up my knowledge and do it as a career.

Upon starting your course, did you have a clear idea of the career path you wanted to follow after your studies?

When I first started at UHI Moray, I knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry however I didn’t realise I'd get a job as soon as I did. So the career path I'd like to continue with when I leave will be beauty.

Our students join the course at various stages in their lives, when you did you join us?

When I left school, I decided to study the SCQF Level 5 in Beauty and Aesthetic Therapies and I progressed onto SCQF Level 6 after qualifying from SCQF Level 5. The transition from level to level was good because everything was the same, apart from COVID which was the toughest part of it all as we initially had reduced time on campus. However, in general the transition was good.

Speaking of your time with us, what knowledge and skills you have gained?

I have gained lots of different skills throughout my course starting off with teamwork, our course involves teamwork as we must practise on one another to gain our knowledge and experience with every treatment.

Another skill I have gained would have to be communication, it’s very important to discuss with clients their expectations and thoroughly speak through the treatment with them to make sure they understand properly.

I've also picked up skills just from the challenges and changes from COVID, however, with the lecturers help and support it has made this experience better.

You mentioned the support from lecturers, could you tell us more?

I am very grateful of how much all the lecturers have done for me during this year as it’s been tough doing a lot of  things online. All the lecturers have been really understanding and helpful throughout the whole year and were able to answer any questions I had.

With your time at UHI Moray coming to an end where do you see your career in the future?

Once I have finished studying my plan is to go full time at the beauty salon I am working in right now. I’m looking forward to working full time and working properly in the salon and building up more new clients every day.

I would eventually like to open my own salon and become self employed, this is because I'd like to start up my own ways and bringing my own ideas into my salon. Once this progresses, I’d like to take other employees into my salon and build up my own team.

And finally, what has been the highlights of studying with us and what advice do you have for those thinking of studying at UHI Moray?

My highlights of studying at UHI Moray would be making lifelong friends and this is where my journey has stated for my career.

One thing I would say to students wanting to study at UHI Moray would be make sure to stick in and work hard as the result is worth it. Further education for something you love doing is so much different than school and focusing on the one thing you love is the best experience.

Studying beauty and aesthetics can open up a variety of employment opportunities in the industry. Gain the practical experience and develop the skills required to set you on your way.