OFTEC guidance note


Category 1, 2 and 3 application conditions

Category 1

Applicants in this category are regarded as experienced oil technicians; they will need to provide evidence to the Assessment Centre prior to taking OFTEC assessments that they possess an OFTEC qualification in the area requiring assessment. The date of issue of their qualification certificate may be greater than the normal five year validity period.

Candidates holding OFT10-101 and/or OFT10-102 may take OFT10-105E and/or OFT10-600a assessment without training (and are therefore Category 1). Candidates holding OFT10-105E and/or OFT10-600a must undertake training before taking OFT10-101 and/or OFT10-102 (and are therefore Category 2).

Category 2

Applicants in this category are regarded as holding a nationally recognised qualification e.g. NVQ or City & Guilds craft certificate in a trade associated with oil work, e.g. plumbing, gas work, or having relevant skills and experience gained from working in a related trade. The Assessment Centre will need to be satisfied that the applicant has the relevant skills, knowledge and/or experience in associated activities such as Plumbing / Heating / Ventilation / Refrigeration / Air-Conditioning / Gas Fitting or service engineers, who already have the necessary manual skills, dexterity and sound engineering understanding. Assessment centres must evaluate this information and retain as a permanent record. Alternatively, candidates may provide relevant qualifications to support entry.

Applicants must provide evidence of this related experience to the centre. The evidence must consist of, as a minimum, the following:

  • Name and address of the business(s) providing the related experience.
    • The types of related work undertaken.
  • The Assessment Centre should ensure that a competent member of staff evaluates all evidence presented by the candidate and makes a professional judgement on its content and suitability against the areas of assessment the candidate intends to undertake.
  • Assessment Centres if they doubt the authenticity of the information presented by the applicant must decline access to ACS assessment.

Category 3

Applicants in this category are regarded as new to the oil industry, and do not hold any national qualifications in a related field nor have any related work experience. Application conditions for this category require that the Category 3 applicant may either:

  • Obtain employment with an OFTEC registered business which is willing to provide an auditable extended oil training programme, incorporating both on and off the job components, with organisational support prior to the applicant taking OFTEC assessment. Evidence of the contents of the programme detailing the off the job training and on the job experience must be presented to the Assessment Centre as described in Category 2 previously.
  • Undertake a training programme which is planned, managed and organised by a training provider, such as the OFT50.

For further information on pre-requisites required please contact the Centre.