Modern Apprenticeships


Modern Apprenticeships are part of the growing apprenticeship family funded through Skills Development Scotland (SDS) which includes the Foundation Apprenticeship and Graduate Apprenticeship programmes.

Benefits for your business content

Benefits for your business

Benefits for your business

Modern Apprenticeships are ideal for your business no matter what size and stage in development. The programme offers you the opportunity to invest in Morays young people by providing them the opportunity to train towards a nationally recognised qualification while working as one of your employees. For your business the programme ensures that you can have highly qualified and skilled staff to ensure business competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

Benefits include:

  • Trained workforce tailored to employers’ needs
  • Improved quality
  • Investment in your organisation’s future
  • Motivated staff
Your Apprentice content

Your Apprentice

Your Apprentice

The Modern Apprenticeship initiative offers young people the chance to work towards a recognised Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) with further opportunities for higher level study with the introduction of Graduate Apprenticeships. Scottish Vocational Qualifications were developed in consultation with industry and are designed to create a high-calibre workforce.

Moray College UHI operates a highly successful MA programme in partnership with SDS, we offer a range of frameworks across many sectors. We can support you from the outset, providing information about the programme, advice on how best to advertise for an apprentice and help you to advertise your vacancy across our networks.

Once you have recruited your apprentice, we will work with you to develop the MA training plan in consultation with the apprentice developed around your business needs. Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, which can be anything from 12 months – 4 years (depending on the framework) we will support you and your apprentices throughout the whole process.

Who is eligible? content

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

All 16 - 19 year olds are eligible provided they are in employment. Funding may also be available for ages 20 - 24 and 25+ in certain sectors.

What Modern Apprenticeships do we offer? content
Brodie Linklater, Horticulture (SCQF Level 5) Modern Apprenticeship content Photograph of our Horticulture student, Brodie Linklater, kneeling on the ground at the Biblical Gardens whilst carrying out gardening work

Brodie Linklater, Horticulture (SCQF Level 5) Modern Apprenticeship

"I found that the combination of learning alongside my full-time job worked well. I was able to practice and apply what I had learnt directly into my day-to-day work. The lecturer was very approachable and always willing to provide support if needed."

Emily Donaldson, Healthcare Support - Clinical (SCQF Level 7) Modern Apprenticeship content Emily Donaldson, Modern Apprentice in Healthcare Support (Clinical)

Emily Donaldson, Healthcare Support - Clinical (SCQF Level 7) Modern Apprenticeship

"I have gained a lot of new skills by completing this apprenticeship. As I was on the job and interacting with the patients, it has helped me grow my confidence and gain more of an understanding of the skills and knowledge of a Health Care Support Worker. I now have the skills to carry out venepuncture, cannulation, taking blood pressure and dealing with patient’s daily care routine."

Lily Carmichael, Engineering (Maintenance) (SCQF Level 7) Modern Apprenticeship content Engineering equipment 500x500

Lily Carmichael, Engineering (Maintenance) (SCQF Level 7) Modern Apprenticeship

"This apprenticeship has allowed me to put what I have learnt into practice. The teaching and support given is great, any question that I have I can always ask and the teaching that is given is very clear. The transition from 1st year to 2nd year has definitely been a step up, but I’m enjoying the challenge."

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