Kickstart summer school


If you’ve been out of the academic environment for a while or just feel you need a bit of extra help with your reading, writing or number skills before starting a course we’d be happy to discuss your individual learning needs.

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For those who are looking to brush up their skills or are returning to learning, our Kickstart course is an ideal way for you to grow in confidence before starting with us. Participants receive workshops covering core study strategies such as time management, taking effective notes, structuring writing, using college IT and developing positive approaches to well-being.

Kickstart is free and runs in June every year, complete an Application now! 

Over the past few years this is what students have said about Kickstart:

“This course should be made compulsory!”

"It helped my confidence and took the fear out of coming to college"

"It was good to know what style of writing is required in individual courses - and have a go"

"I was able to brush up on my spelling and grammar – something I was worried about"

"Learned how to organise my time and work more effectively"

"Not to go head first into pieces of work, but to totally plan and organise first"

"I really enjoyed discussing things with the group"

"I realised that I know a lot more than I give myself credit for. I learned that I had a certain way of learning and my listening skills are quite good"

"Interacting with different people has been good for my confidence"