UHI Moray signs up to support Moray Gift Card

You can now pay for food and salon services at UHI Moray using the Moray Gift Card

If you want to pop by for lunch at The Beechtree Restaurant or get pampered at our HBCT Salons, we now accept the Moray Gift Card.

This Moray-wide card is the perfect present to buy someone to help support our local businesses and national chains. The card was set up by Scotland's Towns Partnership as part of a national initiative from Scotland Loves Local Gift Card and works in the same way as any other high street voucher.

Spread the love – spend local. Order a card online at: www.scotlandgiftslocal.com/product/moray-gift-card

Gift cards can be spent at The Beechtree Restaurant and HBCT Salons at UHI Moray. Click here to view the full list of other retailers.