UHI Moray signs up to Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark during LGBT History Month

UHI Moray and UHI partners have signed up to The Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark during LGBT History Month to support inclusive social spaces across the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire.

The Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark (The Rainbow Mark) was developed with LGBTI+ people and aims to:

  • Increase positive LGBTI+ visibility
  • Provide information and tools to enable better LGBTI+ inclusion
  • Reduce isolation and minority stress for LGBTI+ people
  • Create more welcoming places in Scotland

The signing is a commitment to ensuring our campuses are inclusive spaces for LGBTI+ students, staff and the wider community and shows a powerful signal of support for The Rainbow Mark’s principles.

Jessica Taylor, UHI’s Communications Manager, and one of the founding members of The Rainbow Mark during her former role as Chair of Highland Pride said:

“I am incredibly proud of UHI and our partners for their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and it feels particularly special to be part of the signing as one of the founding members of the initiative which launched in June 2022.”

“There are still no dedicated LGBTI+ social spaces in the Highlands and Islands, Moray or Perthshire and this highlights the need to promote and support inclusive spaces. The Rainbow Mark lets our LGBTI+ students, staff and wider community to know they are welcome and included, and also shows others how to be better allies.”

As part of LGBT+ History Month, UHI Moray staff and students got together on Thursday 29 February to take part in a Sports Day where learning and discussions took place around homophobia and the barriers LGBT people may face in work, education and in sport. Donations were raised for LEAP Sports Scotland.

During February we also signed our extra-curricular Sports Clubs up to be LEAP Sports Scotland recognised. LEAP Sports Scotland works for greater inclusion for LGBTI people in sport and are committed to breaking down the structural, social and personal barriers which prevent LGBT+ people across the country from accessing, participating and excelling in Scottish sports.