Transforming Together: DYW Moray and UHI Moray Join Forces for a New Website

DYW Moray is teaming up with UHI Moray for an important project: creating a fresh website led by Nathan Moir, a talented Interactive Media student.

Nathan is working on this as part of his final university project, which coincides with DYW Moray’s rebrand – from purple to blue!

Nathan, who last year worked on the rebrand of the Moray Game Jam, is really into web design and thought it would be a great fit for his skills and DYW Moray's needs. DYW Moray welcomed the idea and Nathan's help.

With guidance from his advisor, Ben Moore, Nathan is diving into this project with all his energy. He's got experience from redesigning another website and from an internship, so he knows his stuff.

Nathan's approach covers everything from talking with DYW Moray about what they want to making a prototype and finally launching the new website. He's making sure the website reflects DYW Moray's goals and connects well with its audience.

This collaboration shows how DYW Moray supports local talent and wants to keep up with digital trends. By trusting Nathan with this project, they're not only helping him learn but also improving their own online presence.

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