Student Thoughts: Integrative Healthcare

Our integrative healthcare degree is the only one of its kind in Scotland. We had a chat with Caroline and Kerry about their experiences studying the degree and their hopes for the future.

Hi ladies, can we start by why you choose to study with us?

Caroline: It was pretty much by chance. I came to an open day out of curiosity and the rest is history. I think it’s more a case of UHI Moray chose me!

Kerry: Although local, I could still study around work and home life without being committed to a set timetable. This course is a continuation from my previous studies, and felt it was the right time to do it.

Kerry, you jumped into the 3rd year of the degree, how are you finding the experience?

This suited my busy work and home life. Lecturers are there if we need them and are always happy to listen and give advice.

Although I am just halfway through, I am learning how to research effectively and think more critically. I have enjoyed our residential week and having guest speakers, and enjoying having other therapists to chat to and we all help each other out through our group chat.

Caroline, your journey so far has been different, how has your experience been?

Originally from Edinburgh, I moved to Lossiemouth nearly 3 years ago. I have a 30-year career in legal as a paralegal and work part time in social care.

I completed the Access to Integrative Healthcare and Sports Therapy last year and found the transition easy as I feel you’re well-armed with the tools to progress to the next step. 1st year has taken a bit of getting used to with the online classes but I’m getting more used to it now. The support I have from my lecturers is first class on an academic and personal level.

I now have knowledge, skills and experience that I didn’t even know existed and has boosted my overall confidence.

What are your future plans?

Caroline: I see a very clear path ahead of me in a career as a therapist. As well as being a great therapist, I would like to specialise in aromatherapy massage as this was where my initial interest came from. As I work part time in social care, I have seen the difference that complementary therapies can have on individuals with complex needs and the elderly so eventually I’d like to take my knowledge and skills back into the community and make a difference.

Kerry: I am currently working and running my own business, but my plan is to use this course to enhance my existing practice.

Lastly, what have been the highlights of your studies so far?

Caroline: I’ve made new friends that I know will be in my life for a long time.

Kerry: Living locally, I have had the opportunity to meet my lecturers in person!

If you are a warm and caring person with an interest in helping people to relax, to feel good and to be healthy, then complementary therapies and integrative healthcare could be the career for you.


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