Student Blog: Aimee, Schools Programme

We caught up with HNC student, Aimee to chat about her experience on our Senior Phase Programme, how its influenced her student journey and why she describes her experience as interest, inspirational and fun.

Hi Aimee, Can you start by sharing with us what you studied as part of the Schools/Senior Phase Programme and what you are doing now?

In my senior year at school, I chose the uniform services course as I was set on joining the RAF as a Police Dog Handler. The course was great at giving me lots of info I needed.  The following year I did the level up; Developing Leadership, as I wanted to do more sport as I love martial arts. This course inspired me to take a different career path, I now want to be a PT in the RAF to help people get and stay fit whilst travelling the world.  

I am currently studying the HNC in Sports Coaching and Development.

How has the programme influenced your student journey?

At school, I lacked confidence, coming to college took me out of my comfort zone and built my confidence by allowing me to deliver coaching sessions in front of the class and then to groups of children. I was well supported at college by my lecturers Colin and Stephen and my classmates. 

I feel the courses gave me a head start into my current course as I was familiar with the college, the lecturers, and the teaching style. The advantage of the staff knowing you is that they can best advise on pathways. I was initially going to apply for Level 5, but Stephen believed I was capable of the HNC, and this motivated me to pass my exams and to get the entry requirements.  

UHI Moray has given me confidence, motivation, and resilience. If I get something wrong, I work through it until I get it right.  I respect college lecturers for how much help they give and the information they provide on Brightspace. My lecturer Vonnie is very approachable and is quick to answer emails if I need any extra help. The HNC has given me more experience in working with kids, how to approach the delivery, and keep the session under control. 

Do you have any highlights from the Programme?

The highlight of college has been meeting new people, at school, I didn't have a big group of friends but since coming to college I have met people with similar interests, and even though we are all different ages we all can relate to one another.  

Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone considering the Senior Phase Programme?

My advice for anyone considering the school college programme is think about what you want to do and pick something related to that career or something similar. I would say stay open as it gives you different ideas that you may not have considered. 

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