Graduate Blog: Jason Bray, Social Sciences

From our Social Sciences (SCQF Level 5) course to his BA(Hons) in Sociology and Criminology, graduate Jason shares with us his experiences of learning local.

Hi Jason, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I'm Jason, I started at UHI Moray with the Social Sciences courses (SCQF Levels 5 and 6) then moved up to study the HNC before progressing onto the Sociology and Criminology BA (Hons). I am now doing a MSc in Globalisation and Crime.

What made you apply and why were the courses right for you?

I choose to study with UHI because I liked the location and I heard really good things about the UHI experiences and how friendly the environment is.

The courses were right for me because I have an interest in how society works and human behaviours.

How did you find the support your recieved during your studies?

UHI as some of the best support networks that I have come across, as an individual and student with dyslexia I did not think that I would of a achevied the level of knowledge and grades that I have without the help of and support of the lectures and members of the Study Bar. The mode of teaching was good face-to-face as well as online through VC. The modules are interesting and stimulating.

How do you feel this course has developed your knowledge, skills and overall exerience?

My time with in the UHI as provided me with confidence to speak to groups of individuals within a professional environment for example, class committee meetings and student conferences. The courses have allowed me to fully understand in an academic manner about society and Human behaviours, and to speak and act on injustices that that I see around me and understand why individuals ack in particular ways.

UHI has also allowed me to overcome my dyslexia as a disability that held me back and defined me in a negative way to promote dyslexia in a positive way by providing help when needed to gain my marks to pass. Sociology and Criminology is one of the best classes I have experienced. Greatness can be achieved with the UHI.

Do you have any plans for the future?

To move on to gain a PHD, I would also like to work within the criminal justice department or became a lecturer within UHI.

Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone considering studying at UHI Moray?

The advice I would give is choose UHI because the lecturers are friendly and understanding. The modules are interesting and enlightening and whether or not you are disabled, you can achieve greatness and all your goals. My dyslexia as not held me back within the UHI, my dyslexic thinking was celebrated and promoted. The uniqueness of UHI and partners is more of a family than an institution.

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