Graduate Blog: Colleen, Microblading Artistry

You don't always have to study for a year or more. We caught up with alum Colleen to learn all about her experience studying our Microblading course and why she described it as rewarding, exciting and invaluable.

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Photo of Microblading treatment courtesy of Hailey Dallas

Hi Colleen, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I'm Colleen, my initial plan when starting this course was to see if I enjoyed the beauty industry as much as I had hoped. Once I started learning it confirmed for me that I would like to set up my own business once the course was completed. 

What made you apply and why was this course right for you?

This course was the right one for me as compared to other Microblading training, this was 6 months long which for me seemed a great length of time to learn the treatment and practice the skills involved. Having the practical elements spread out over this time period really appealed to me.

How do you feel this course has developed your knowledge, skills and overall experience?

Prior to starting my Microblading course I had no experience within the beauty industry. I was delighted to be accepted on the course and was assured I would learn everything I need to know. In the space of 6 months I went from not having performed a beauty treatment to Microblading several clients. I gained knowledge on Health & Safety, Legislation, Client Care, Anatomy and carrying out a Microblading treatment.

My biggest challenge was the fact it was so out of usual comfort zone, but I trusted the process and passed the course. The other students on the course were also hugely supportive.

Where would you like to go with your career in the future?

I am currently converting a space within my house to set up and work from home. Having enjoyed this course so much I plan to enrol in other brow courses to enhance what I have already learned.

My plan is to continue learning and enhancing my skills. The SPMU industry is thriving and there are lots of amazing artists out there to learn from. I see this as my long term career now. 

What are the highlights of studying at UHI Moray? 

My highlights were being given the opportunity to study in a field I had no previous experience in. To complete, and become qualified, in my desired field in 6 months has been a great opportunity. Meeting everyone within the class and working together was lovely.

Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone considering studying at UHI Moray?

I would encourage anyone that is considering studying to plan a visit, UHI Moray has many open days to showcase what it has to offer. If it is a course that is different to your usual skill set, UHI Moray will support you to help you pursue what it is you want to achieve.

Fully endorsed by Microblading Artist Hailey Dallas, who is one of the UK’s leading experts in Microblading and the owner and developer of the unique ‘One-Pass’ microblading technique, our Microblading course will allow you to develop your knowledge of the eyebrow structure, the skin and anatomy of the face and eyes and the different face and eyebrow shapes.

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