[Degree Module] Film Moving Image History & Development of Film SCQF 7


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The module examines the technical development of film production from its inception as a creative medium to current production practice.  The module will investigate critical issues in film/movie/cinema history and development.  There is a focus on film structure and style as well as transformation in technology, industry and society. 

Students will also investigate the ways practitioners have developed new approaches to form and content and made use of technological advances in cinema.





Blended | Tues 1300 - 1500



  • Online learning platform - Webex and our virtual learning environment (VLE) called Brightspace.  
  • Attend timetabled classes online for some of your learning and assessments.  Also access online Brightspace or Google Classrooms for self-directed study. 


Semester 2


Course content...

Throughout the course, you will study:

Survey of film history, focusing on film structure and style, as well as innovation and transformations in technology, industry and society. Key topic and concepts to explore include:

  • Early film history – precursors
  • From side-show gimmick to economic art – emergence of the film industry
  • The Silent period and the rise of the Talkies
  • Technicolour and the age of Hollywood
  • Demise of the studio system and rise of the independents
  • Internationalisation and the rise of world cinema
  • The New Waves and “new wavelets”
  • The blockbuster and multiplex
  • Animated features, commercial documentary features and 3D
  • The Digital Era
  • Multisensory cinema and beyond?

Where you can go... 

Student’s studying this module will be well placed for interview for any blended/virtual learning creative degree. 


Entry requirements

3 Highers at grade BCC or above

You must have Higher or A level English at grade B or above