Assistive technology


We can provide you with equipment to assist you with your learning.

Dictaphone – many students who have e.g. dyslexia or memory and concentration difficulties (due to pain or medication) may find it difficult to take notes and listen to a lecture at the same time. Being able to tape part of a lecture which they can listen back to may be beneficial to them.

LiveScribe Pen – the LiveScribe pen records audio e.g. lectures which can be played back; it also has a function which will play back any text written on the accompanying note pads. The LiveScribe Pen is extremely useful regarding revision.

Read and Write Gold – is a literacy support tool which assists users in reading and composing text. Students who have difficulty reading text because of e.g. dyslexia or blurred vision can use the Screen Reader function which will support both reading and writing essays. Other functions within the program are:

  • Phonetic Spellchecker
  • Word prediction
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary
  • Study skills bar – summarising and highlighting tool

Mind Mapping Software Mindgenius - is mind mapping software that helps you capture, visualize and manage your ideas and information. It gives the user flexibility to draw a variety of concept maps which you can export to a variety of applications. The notes editor, allows you to enter, edit and format notes associated with the map, thus making it an ideal tool for planning essays, projects and presentations.

Zoomtext Magnifier - is a magnification application which enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – is speech to text software which works by opening documents on your PC by voice command. You can dictate into word and the program will transfer your voice into text. You can also listen back to the transcription by means of your own voice.