Under the Scissors CEF Project


Our Just Transition team worked with students on a climate conversation pilot project which connected technical, academic, and public spheres.

Students from UHI Moray's Hairdressing and Beauty & Aesthetic Therapies courses teamed up with staff and students from the Scottish Association of Marine Science to empower the hair and beauty industry to talk climate change.

A climate conversation is a peer-to-peer chat about our changing world. It can be difficult to have a conversation about climate change. Many people find it a big, confusing or anxiety-causing topic. However, just one climate conversation can help people feel less alone and feel more knowledgeable and hopeful about the

For this "Under the Scissors" project, flash cards with facts about climate change were created, which students could talk about with clients as they start their own climate conversations.

Read more about the project and the findings:

The 2023-24 Under the Scissors project was funded by The Scottish Government's Climate Engagement Fund.