Supporting New Scots: Olena's Story

With our Supporting New Scots project coming to an end our Employability Team sat down with Olena who shared her experience.

Hi Olena, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My name is Elena Voloshko (Helen in the UK). I have recently relocated from Ukraine to Forres. I have work experience in digital marketing, insurance, and Mathematics. Digital marketing is my passion and I have experience working in this role for online retail companies. I am keen to learn new skills and would like to continue to expand my knowledge of processes, terminology, and procedures here in Moray.  I volunteer at Forres Area Community Trust and for the past few months have had the pleasure to complete work experience in the wonderful marketing department at UHI.

How did you hear about the Supporting New Scots Funding project?

I heard about the Supporting New Scots project through my Ukrainian friend. I did not fully understand what this project was designed to do but after meeting with Leigh Miele, I felt this was the right choice for me. I couldn’t have been happier. The Supporting New Scots is designed to help me in the UK.

What support did you require when joining the project?

When I joined Supporting New Scots, I needed help updating and preparing my CV, as mine was all in Ukrainian it needed updating to English and re-formatting. I also wanted to gain further experience in marketing within Scotland to further my search for work in this field. Lastly as my qualifications were in Ukrainian, I wanted to confirm my diploma to understand my job prospects in Scotland.

What support did you receive?

The support I received was getting my diploma translated to English, so I could find out the level of my qualification in this country. This was great for me as it allowed me to understand further what jobs I can apply for. The team built a new CV for me which can now be used when applying for jobs. I have also had the opportunity to undergo a work placement within the marketing department at UHI.

Photo of SNS Wellbeing Activity members and Hayley Anderson

Did you find the support you received useful & in what way?

I am very grateful to the staff of this project for their support and help. It is very difficult to build a new life from scratch in another country while being under extreme stress. You helped me pass these tests with dignity and maintain faith in myself, receive direction for further development and implementation. This is a good experience for socialisation in new life circumstances. In addition, I received enormous psychological support and help, which I especially need now.

Now you have received support, what are your future plans, and where are you now?

My future plans are to continue with the support offered within the employability team. I hope to find further work experience, continue to study English, and look forward to my future.

Would you recommend this project to others in need of support?

Absolutely yes. You will receive not only professional help, but also an incredibly kind attitude towards yourself. Thank you for everything.

Olena joined fellow Supporting New Scots clients at our SNS Celebration Event, you can learn more about the event here