Open the door to opportunities: Volunteering

You don't just need a job to show experience on a CV. You can open the door to opportunities by volunteering.

Did you know that in 2022 only 20% of people aged 16 to 34 participated in volunteering activities in Scotland.  More than just a way of giving back to our community, volunteering can be a great way to build skills you are developing during your studies and gain valuable experience.

Volunteering experience is a great addition to have on your CV especially as a student starting out in your chosen career. More and more employers are looking for people that not only have the qualifications they are looking for but also the experience. They want people who show that they are committed. Now that doesn’t mean you have to volunteer within your chosen field as many of the skills you can gain from the experiences can stem across multiple industries for example.

  • Interpersonal skills show that you can communicate with others and work within a team.
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills show that you can come up with ideas and can handle difficult situations.

Plus, by volunteering during your studies you show that you have time management and adaptability skills which are crucial in any role you go into.

Ways you can volunteer

  • Work at a charity shop and learn retail management and interpersonal skills.
  • Do unpaid work experience within your chosen field and meet like minded people that can pass on their experiences.
  • Support local events and discover the logistics of how events are put together.
  • Support a local charity project you are passionate about in roles such as fundraising, marketing, administration and more.
  • Join boards of management and lend your voice to the strategy vision of an organisation you are passionate about.
  • Become a student rep at Your Students’ Association and represent student thoughts across the UHI partnership. You can even set up your own club or society and deepen your knowledge of leadership, time management and community building.

Volunteering in action

Last year our Moray Blue Lights team spoke to Social Sciences student Abigail about her experience volunteering as an Adult Volunteer at Police Scotland Youth Volunteers Moray.

“I started as a youth volunteer when the group began, and I got so much out of it so wanted to come back and let others have the same opportunities. I also enjoy meeting new people and getting to go to different events all around Scotland”.

Explore a range of volunteering opportunities over at

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