If you are interested in a career that involves working with children and people of all ages to motivate, coach, rehabilitate and improve sporting performance, then the sports industry is for you – find your future here!

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Photo of Courtney Ritchie, Sport and Fitness graduate

Courtney, 2020 Further Education Student of the Year

BLOG: Congratulations to Courtney Ritchie, our 2020 Further Education Student of the Year! Courtney started on our SCQF Level 6 Sport and Fitness programme in September 2019 and worked hard to achieve her aim of progressing onto the HNC Coaching and Developing Sport, even continuing to engage in her studies whilst pregnant and in hospital!

Sport lecturer head shot

Stephen, Sport and fitness lecturer

BLOG: From representing Wales in the 2010 Commonwealth Games to having a super-hero power, find out all you need to know about our Sports Lecturer, Stephen!

Sport student

Fiona, HNC Coaching and Developing Sport

"Moray College UHI is a comfortable place to study with great facilities and supportive staff.  If you like a quiet classroom then it’s an ideal choice as it’s not crowded like other universities.”

Sport student

Joe, BSc (Hons) Sport and Fitness

“As part of this course we are given the opportunity to coach primary school pupils, I have really benefited from this experience as I am able to put theory in to practice.  I also find it rewarding being able to motivate and engage children in having fun while being active.”

Sport graduate

Catriona, Sport and Fitness lecturer

“My advice for anyone considering returning to education is to study what you enjoy and are passionate about, then if you work hard you will be successful.”

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Sport and Fitness: College Certificate (SCQF Level 5)

Sport and Fitness: College Certificate (SCQF Level 6)

HNC Coaching and Developing Sport

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The world of sport and fitness offers a wide range of exciting, satisfying careers. Some of these have an obvious connection – like sports coaching and management – but there are also openings in areas like outdoor adventure tourism, teaching or health promotion. There’s also potential for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Podcast 1: Moray College UHI Sport Show

Podcast 2: The Elgin City Football Club Connection

Podcast 3: The Fitness, Health and Exercise Route

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Unsure what to study?

Unsure what to study?

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Worried about starting college or university?

Worried about starting college or university?

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Admissions process

Admissions process

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Need funding advice?

Need funding advice?

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