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We live in a communications-driven society and these qualifications will enable you to flourish as you improve and develop your skills - find your future here!

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Choose Essential Skills

Craigh, Higher English content Student Headshot

Craigh, Higher English

“Having previously completed an HND I knew first-hand how supportive and dedicated the staff at the college are to helping students achieve their qualifications. The course fitted around my work and is structured in a way that maximises your learning. The teaching was very in-depth and delivered at the right pace with a mixture of individual and group work.”

Caitlin, Higher English content Student headshot

Caitlin, Higher English

“The lessons and teaching were of a very high standard; the online resources were fantastic, everything was very well organised and our teacher was very helpful and motivating. I had great support throughout and felt comfortable seeking assistance whenever I needed it.”

Michele, Core Skills content Michele Smith, Core Skills Lecturer

Michele, Core Skills

BLOG: Our Core Skills Lecturer, Michele, tells us about her journey into the Education sector and why it's never too late to return to learning!

Stephen, Core Skills content Stephen Duff, Core Skills Lecturer

Stephen, Core Skills

"I've taught Higher English for 10 years and I'm passionate about helping every student achieve their potential in this challenging subject. Reading and writing are such important skills to develop with this course providing a great platform for exploring some of the finest literature ever penned."

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National 5 Maths

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Higher English

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Our courses can help with entry into HNC and degree programmes and is especially beneficial for individuals wishing to progress to a teaching programme.

Unsure what to study? content

Unsure what to study?

Unsure what to study?

If you are unsure what subject or course to study and are looking for some direction, you can make a virtual appointment with our Student Guidance team - please email

Worried about starting college or university? content

Worried about starting college or university?

Worried about starting college or university?

We understand these are uncertain times and you may have questions about starting your course – the good news is we are here for you and will support you throughout your studies. If you would like to have a chat with our Student Guidance team you can arrange a virtual appointment by emailing:

Admissions process content

Admissions process

Admissions process

Thinking about applying or already have and not sure what happens next? Check out our admissions process.

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Need funding advice?

Need funding advice?

If you are looking for guidance or advise on student finance please contact our Student Finance team with your questions by emailing: