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Donald, BA (Hons) Fine Art content Art student

Donald, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“The part-time mode of learning at Moray School of Art really works for me. That, along with the personalised learning and small community-based environment, attracted me to study here. There is such a great support network that you never feel out of your depth and it’s inspiring to be around so many creative people.”

Lorna, HNC Professional Cookery content Graduate headshot

Lorna, HNC Professional Cookery

“Hospitality is a non-stop learning environment where you learn something new every day. When I started college, I didn’t know what to expect but It was a great, positive learning environment. Lecturers encouraged me to take on work experience throughout my course which helped me progress my practical skills in a number of different hospitality settings.”

Iona, HNC Administration and Information Technology content Student photo

Iona, HNC Administration and Information Technology

"Studying at Moray College UHI has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The lecturers are very friendly and have been contactable before and during the COVID-19 pandemic which has helped ease the transition from face-to-face lectures to studying at home, which as you can imagine with three kids hasn’t been easy but they have all been very understanding and provided support and encouragement."

Lewie, NC Acting and Theatre Performance content  NC Acting and Theatre Performance graduate

Lewie, NC Acting and Theatre Performance

“This course gave me a solid foundation in actor training. The dedication of the lecturer inspired me and gave me a level to aim for. The calibre of direction and teaching I had on this course is easily comparable to what I received at drama school. Since graduating I completed further study and I am now currently on a three-month contract with Young Shakespeare Company."

Katalin, HNC Professional Cookery content Katalin Urquhart, HNC Professional Cookery student

Katalin, HNC Professional Cookery

“Through studying this course I have gained a lot of new cookery techniques which I use nearly every day. The support given from lecturers was really great, and I am now more confident speaking to customers and also in running my own business. Hard work pays off!”

Haley, BA (Hons) Event Management content events student

Haley, BA (Hons) Event Management

“This course is helping to build my knowledge and make me a more confident event manager. Whilst undertaking this course it has given me the confidence to get involved with other projects around the college, such as Moray SOUP where I am now a member of the Board and also an active organiser of the event.”

Garry, Acting and Theatre Performance Lecturer content Lecturer head shot

Garry, Acting and Theatre Performance Lecturer

“The best thing about working in creative industries is the opportunity to develop daily and learn new skills that will broaden your knowledge, confidence and creativity. Any level of the creative industry training will advance your skills in communication, team work and commitment, as well as giving you freedom to create and share ideas.”

Katie, UAL Level 3 Art & Design content Art student

Katie, UAL Level 3 Art & Design

"Undertaking UAL: Level 2 in Art & Design before progressing to Level 3 really helped with my development and creative confidence; my advice to anyone, especially those coming straight from secondary, is to consider this entry point as it's really worthwhile. Studying at MSA has given me the skills and confidence to believe in myself!"

Daisy, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance content Accounting graduate

Daisy, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

“The curriculum gave me a solid foundation for when I started my employment as an Audit Assistant on a three-year training contract at Johnston Carmichael in Elgin. It’s key to remember there are often different routes to achieving the same goal, so I think it’s good to have a plan to make sure you stay on track and can enjoy the process.”

Brodie, NC Acting and Theatre Performance content Acting graduate

Brodie, NC Acting and Theatre Performance

“I feel the course nourished my creative skills. Any challenges I encountered always felt positive to me as I saw them as an opportunity to grow and expand my skills. After graduating I went on to further study then began to do freelance work as a film maker before joining the team at Out of The Darkness Theatre Company as Theatre Arts Support Officer.”

Stacey, Curriculum Team Lead: Creative Industries content Head shot

Stacey, Curriculum Team Lead: Creative Industries

BLOG: Find out all about Moray School of Art’s very own Stacey Menzies-Toner including her thoughts on creative industries, puppies and puppets! She also talks about our art and design courses and creative opportunities available for our students and graduates.

Kelly, BA (Hons) Business and Management content Graduate head shot

Kelly, BA (Hons) Business and Management

“The degree was fantastic and I learnt so much. My lecturer encouraged and supported me throughout my degree and I am now studying MBA in Business Administration (Executive) through UHI at the Moray campus.”

Teresa, Professional Food and Beverage Service content Hospitality graduate

Teresa, Professional Food and Beverage Service

"This course has a good combination of practical and theory. I really enjoyed working in the Beechtree Restaurant as part of my course as it gives you experience in a realistic kitchen environment.”

Alistair, Hospitality content Hospitality lecturer

Alistair, Hospitality

"Our courses provide students with a great grounding and a relevant set of skills for a career in the hospitality industry. They also teach students valuable life skills such as teamwork and communication, whilst improving confidence and social skills in the process.”


Suzie, BA (Hons) Fine Art content art graduate

Suzie, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“I had no idea where this course was going to lead me and did not have a specific job in mind when I applied, all I knew was that I had a growing passion for making and being creative and I wanted to take it beyond a hobby level. My creative output changed a lot during my studies as I explored different media, learned more about the history of art and was challenged theoretically."

Faith, BA (Hons) Business and Management content Business graduate

Faith, BA (Hons) Business and Management

“After completing my degree I gained a graduate position with Purplebricks and started working as a Viewing Assistant. I am now training at the Purplebricks Academy in Solihull to graduate as Local Property Expert for the Moray area. My studies gave me the confidence to believe I can achieve more and the skills I’ve gained are used every day in my new role.”

Sophie, BA (Hons) Fine Art content Art graduate

Sophie, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“The course was one of the best, most enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences I’ve ever had. I currently work for a local clothing brand called Great Scot! where I have a number of responsibilities including creative input for design and branding.”

Nicole, Professional Food and Beverage content hospitality student

Nicole, Professional Food and Beverage

“My course was the perfect first step into the hospitality world. It has taught me the basics of each sector of the industry to help develop a suitable career path as, when I started, I had a rough idea that I wanted to be a chef, but the course has certainly solidified this."