Our students' experience

Donald, BA (Hons) Fine Art content Art student

Donald, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“The part-time mode of learning at Moray School of Art really works for me. That, along with the personalised learning and small community-based environment, attracted me to study here. There is such a great support network that you never feel out of your depth and it’s inspiring to be around so many creative people.”

Suzie, BA (Hons) Fine Art content art graduate

Suzie, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“I had no idea where this course was going to lead me and did not have a specific job in mind when I applied, all I knew was that I had a growing passion for making and being creative and I wanted to take it beyond a hobby level. My creative output changed a lot during my studies as I explored different media, learned more about the history of art and was challenged theoretically."

Katie, UAL Level 3 Art & Design content Art student

Katie, UAL Level 3 Art & Design

"Undertaking UAL: Level 2 in Art & Design before progressing to Level 3 really helped with my development and creative confidence; my advice to anyone, especially those coming straight from secondary, is to consider this entry point as it's really worthwhile. Studying at MSA has given me the skills and confidence to believe in myself!"

Sophie, BA (Hons) Fine Art content Art graduate

Sophie, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“The course was one of the best, most enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences I’ve ever had. I currently work for a local clothing brand called Great Scot! where I have a number of responsibilities including creative input for design and branding.”