Lynne Strachan


Researcher profile:

Lynne Strachan is a Visual Artist. She is a lecturer on the University of Arts London Diplomas in Art & Design, HNC/D Visual Communications, HNC/D Digital Design & Web Development and Interactive Media  BSc (Hons) courses at Moray.


Visual Communication, Photography, Sculpture and the Internet of Things.

Lynne’s practice incorporates commissioned and self‐initiated work which explores the interaction between science, art and technology through presenting the forgotten or invisible as visible, focusing on the relationship between humans and the environment. These outputs take various forms such as exhibitions, workshops and publications.


View a selection of Lynne’s Public Art Commission work which incorporate a variety of different disciplines including graphic design, illustration, photography, typography, textile design, sculpture, animation and printmaking at


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Petrified Workman

Petrified Workman, Polymer Photogravure on Fabriano Artistico: Traditional White: 300gms (33cm x 44cm) 2019.


Drawing of The Swimmer

The Swimmer, Linocut on Fabriano Artistico: Traditional White: 300gms (20cm x 20cm) 2019