School leaver


Leaving school?

Many pupils leave school and go on to study prior to entering employment. Studying at college helps them to acquire the knowledge,skills and qualifications necessary to enter the world of work. Many school leavers regard studying at a college as being a preparation for the rest of their life - a sort of investment in their future. College courses are mostly composed of units tailored to the needs of particular employment sectors or to individual student needs. Many courses have periods of real work experience or are delivered in realistic work environments.

Do you have the skills employers are looking for?

A period of study at college can help you to further develop the skills you acquired at school and also to develop a range of additional skills so that when you leave college to try and enter the 21st century world of work you do so with a portfolio of skills which match as closely as possible the skills employers are looking for

  • People Skills
    • Leadership - taking responsibility and getting things done
    • Teamworking - working well with colleagues and being able to listen
    • Interpersonal Skills - being good with people from a wide range of backgrounds and able to get your ideas over easily
  • Self-reliance skills
    • Self-awareness - feeling confident about yourself and what you can do
    • Resourcefulness - having drive, using your initiative and planning ahead
    • Networking Skills - being good at linking up with other people so you can help each other
  • General skills
    • Problem Solving - being practical and quick witted so that you get results
    • Commitment - being dependable, trustworthy and putting everything into your work
    • Flexibility - being adaptable and willing to do lots of different work
  • Specialist skills
    • IT Skills - basic IT skills are needed for almost every job these days
    • Technical Skills - having knowledge of real work areas eg. engineering, hospitality, care, hairdressing, beauty therapy and complementary therapy