What if I have studied before?

How will that affect my application for funding? content

How will that affect my application for funding?

Each year we need to know what your circumstances are for funding as these may have changed since you last studied.

The funding rules are reviewed each year and there may be changes to what is available and how it is assessed.  Also, your circumstances may have changed, what funding rules you were assessed for in previous years may be different this time because you are older, time may have lapsed on any time sensitive criteria etc.

In Further Education, only funding received for courses you started while over the age of 18 years is taken into account.  This applies to funding for Further and Higher Education Funding.  You are also normally limited to three years funding in the previous six years and each year you are normally required to show that you have had academic progression in the course levels you have studied i.e. progress to the next level of qualification level 4 to level 5 and level 5 to level 6 etc. 

There are some exemptions:

  1. failure to complete a level due to medical or compassionate reasons, but you will be required to provide evidence that you have been experienced such issues.
  2. One off/any other reason when you want to study a different subject area. This can only be applied if you not relied on this paragraph to receive an award within the previous four years.

Staff at the college can provide general information regarding continued eligibility for funding, but only once a Student Support Fund application is submitted with all the supporting documentation requested, will funding eligibility be confirmed.

We will need you to provide details of

  • what courses you previously studied
  • what level of qualification were they,
  • did you complete the courses successfully
  • if you didn’t complete is successfully, the reason why
  • what funding you received for the courses (copies of award letters will be required)*
  • what the new course is you want to study is (title and level)