Absence reporting


Attendance is crucial if you are to achieve whatever qualifications you are aiming for.

We expect our students to attend all timetabled classes.  Students who do not attend all timetabled classes risk having their funding stopped.  It is very important for students to account for all absences.

If your absence is under seven calendar days

  1. If your absence is between one hour and up to 7 days you must report this by text or the online form to the Absence line, you can do this through your Student Portal. Non- reporting means you will not be paid.
  2. On your first day of absence, please visit your Student Portal and click on Absence Reporting Tile and fill in reporting form or send a text. TEXT on number 07624808709. Please note this number is for texting only - not for phoning.
  3. In order to do this you must write ABSENT as your first word in message followed by a “space” then your Name, Student Number, Course and Reason. It is essential you do this, as failure to put ABSENT then a space means your text will not be delivered.
  4. You will receive a text back to confirm receipt; if you do not receive a text back we have not received it. When you fill in an online form you will not receive a reply.
  5. If you do not have access to a computer or have no credit on your phone you must ask a friend or relative to do this for you.
  6. We must be notified between 8.30am and 9.30am on the first day of each absence period.


If your absence is greater than seven calendar days

If your absence is due to ill health, you are required to comply with the following regulations, to receive a payment.

  • If you are absent for more than seven consecutive calendar days you must get a medical certificate from your doctor if you consulted him/her during your absence. You must meet any costs associated with getting a private medical certificate and this can only be given at your doctor’s discretion. A maximum of one support payment shall be paid and then it will stop thereafter.
  • A Doctor’s medical certificate must be submitted to Student Services (or by post if necessary), as soon as the doctor has issued this to you. College is open during holiday periods (not Christmas and New Year) for handing in medical certificates.
  • Please note that doctors are not required to issue medical certificates for periods of sickness less than seven days and you should not ask your doctor to provide this, especially if you did not consult your doctor during your period of absence from college.
  • If you have been absent on extended medical leave for a continuous period, you should contact your Student Adviser to discuss when you will be returning to college and to determine whether you will be able to continue with your course/programme of study. You will only receive ONE student support payment during extended medical absence and your payments will be suspended if you have not returned to full attendance before the next instalment is due.

You can view the Student Attendance Policy here.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave

You must inform your Student Adviser of your pregnancy as soon as you can. The Student Adviser will request a risk assessment to be done to ensure you are completely safe in the surrounding you work in.

  • You should also make an appointment with Student Guidance to discuss the financial implications when you take your Maternity Leave if this falls within the academic year.
  • You shall be allowed time to attend ante- natal appointments with supporting evidence.
  • You are allowed 4 weeks Maternity Leave, where you shall receive your bursary
  • (2 x 2 week payments) and then you should claim Maternity Benefit thereafter.
  • We allow for 2 weeks Paternity Leave but shall not make a payment beyond that if you are still absent.

Do not wait until your student funding payment has been stopped to inform us of a problem, as this will be too late and your payment will not be released.

If you are not paid due to poor attendance you can appeal this decision. Please submit an email to MC Student Services ( student.services.moray@uhi.ac.uk ) explaining the reason for your absence, late notification and any supporting evidence. This will be then reviewed by the Guidance Team.

If you find you are thinking about withdrawing from your course, please make an appointment with your Student Adviser and Guidance person in order that we can discuss and support you with your decision, and if applicable also notify you of any monies that maybe needed to be repaid.