Subject choices

Information Evening June 18

How it works

  • The Senior Phase Programme at Moray College UHI is embedded in your column choices at school.
  • If you choose College, your Guidance teacher will ask you to complete an application form and return it to them.
  • Interviews are held for College places, and it is important that you make the most of the opportunity.  There are less places available than applications so make sure that your personal statement is clear and that you have completed all of the information requested.
  • We will ask for a signature from your parent/guardian which lets us know that you have spoken about the senior phase at home.
  • College day is Wednesday, you don't need to wear uniform and on Wednesdays you are a College student!  However, we do report absence to schools and tracking reports are completed by your lecturers - just the same as at school!
  • Your College course is SQA certificated and if you pass, will appear on your SQA Certificate along with your Nationals, Highers and Advanced Highers.

What can you study

Senior Phase 2019 - 2020

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