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Case Studies

Thinking about applying for one of our senior phase options?  Find out what our students have to say about their experience.

Connor Muir, Elgin Academy (S6) content Connor Muir, Elgin Academy S6 student studying Higher Sociology

Connor Muir, Elgin Academy (S6)

Higher Sociology

I’m studying Higher Sociology at the college alongside my Highers at school. I really enjoy the adult learning environment as I have more freedom and also the responsibility to motivate myself which has given me a taster of uni life.

Amira Elouarrad, Lossiemouth High (S5) content Amira Elouarrad, Lossiemouth High S5 Student studying Developing Leadership

Amira Elouarrad, Lossiemouth High (S5)

Developing Leadership

This is a good course for people who enjoy P.E. and a passion for sport. I’ve gained lots of practical experience as well as essay writing. The course has made me realise when I leave school I definitely want to do something in the sport industry and hopefully I can come do a full time HNC at Moray College UHI.

Marc Watt, Milnes High (S4) content Marc Watt, Milnes High S4 student studying Hairdressing

Marc Watt, Milnes High (S4)


I chose this course as I like to make people feel better as it makes me feel good. The teaching is amazing, I’ve done so much in a small amount of time. I’ve learnt lots of skills - how to perfect a plait, straightening hair and wash and blow drying. I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far and my confidence has grown. I enjoy working with the group in my class, we are from different schools in the area but all get along. The highlight of the course is preparing for an upcoming festive competition where we can show off our hard work.

Emma Philip, Forres Academy (S4) content Emma Philip, Forres Academy S4 student studying Uniformed Services

Emma Philip, Forres Academy (S4)

Uniformed Services

This is a great course if you want to join the uniformed services as you get the opportunity to meet people from Army and RAF who give you an insight into their careers. I would recommend this course if you are looking to go into the services, enjoy sports or want to build on your confidence.

Kyle Smith, Buckie High (S4) content Kyle Smith, Buckie High S4 student studying Web Design

Kyle Smith, Buckie High (S4)

Web Design

I have learnt a lot on this course for example how to code a basic website, photoshop and lots more. There isn’t anything like this course available at my school and it is the best around.

Erica Ferguson, Buckie High (S6) content Erica Ferguson, Buckie High S6 student studying Automotive

Erica Ferguson, Buckie High (S6)


I chose to do this course as I knew I wanted to get into this industry and it was an opportunity to gain experience. I would recommend doing this course only if you are interested in automotive and cars. When I leave school, I plan to come to college full time to do the motor vehicle course to become a mechanic.

Christine Dolor, Speyside High (S5) content Christine Dolor, Speyside High S5 student studying Higher ESOL

Christine Dolor, Speyside High (S5)

Higher ESOL

My Guidance and English teacher recommended that I apply to do the ESOL Higher. The teaching is good and I can get support when I need it. The college is a new experience and different from high school but I’ve enjoyed meeting new people whilst studying. This course will help me with my university application to study nursing.

Megan Finn, Milnes High (S4) content Megan Finn, Milnes High S4 student was studying NPA Web Design, now studying Digital Media Level 6

Megan Finn, Milnes High (S4)

NPA Web Design now Digital Media Level 6

I originally started doing the school programme in Web Design SCQF Level 5. I found that I really enjoyed the environment and made many new friends and learnt new things. The tutors were really friendly and supportive. If you ever had any issues all you had to do was ask for help and they will try everything to help you and break it down for you to understand.

After passing the school programme and leaving school I applied to do NC Computing with Digital Media SCQF Level 6. The jump wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, since I already had been to college it was easy to settle in. If anyone is thinking of considering the Senior Phase Programme I would say go for it! Even if you’re nervous and shy to try new things. It will be the best experience!

Katie Craig, Lossiemouth High (S4) content Katie Craig, Lossiemouth High S4 student studying Practical Engineering

Katie Craig, Lossiemouth High (S4)

Practical Engineering

By studying engineering at college while still at school has made me 100% sure that I really want to do engineering in the military as a career. I would advise anyone interested in engineering to do the course and enjoy it, initially I stressed over the thought of going to college but once I started everything was fine and you get to mix with students from different schools and the staff are very helpful.

Chloe Allan, Forres Academy (S5) content Chloe Allan, Forres Academy 25 student studying Childcare

Chloe Allan, Forres Academy (S5)


I chose this course as I would like to work in a nursery after going on to complete an HNC in childcare at Moray College UHI. This course has taught so much including how a child develops, how they learn to grow and you also get the opportunity to do work experience in a nursery.