Employment Opportunities: Personal Development SVQ4

What is special about this course?

This course is designed to help you with your Personal Development. 
You will learn to recognise the types of stresses in your life and strategies for dealing with them. 
We will look at work experience and all the skills you can gain from this.
You will work complete quizzes, watch videos, complete creative tasks, and contribute to discussions. 
You will earn Digital badges along the way and a certificate of completion.

Special features:

  • Online
  • Self-assessed
  • Digital Badges
  • Short Course
  • Flexible Lecturer face to face support

Personal development begins with self-awareness. Once you have raised your self-awareness, you are clearer on the things you wish to achieve from life. 
You will figure out what you want to do.
You will learn how to have a sense of direction.
Personal development helps improve focus and effectiveness, gives you more motivation, gives you greater resilience, helps give a better work-life balance and improves your career prospects.

Entry requirements


7 Modules: 

  1. Work Experience
  2. Psychological Stress 
  3. Biological Stress 
  4. Exam Stress 
  5. Coping with Stress 
  6. SWOT Analysis 
  7. Future Pathways


Laptop, computer, tablet, microphone, webcam.

How will I study my course?

    Virtual meetings with lecturer

    How long will my course last?

    2 Week

    5 hours a week

    Where can I study my course?

      Start date

      March 2022


      The good news is that depending on your personal circumstances there are a wide range of bursaries, grants and allowances available to fund your college studies.

      What can I do on completion of my course?

      Progression to other short courses
      Successful applications for University and job vacancies.
      This module will help build your confidence and prepare you for studying a Level 4 or 5 full-time course.  
      The “soft skills” you learn would be valuable for many different types of jobs.

      Is there more information available online?

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