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Supporting the community, led by students! content

Supporting the community, led by students!

Moray Soup

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Do you have an idea for something that will benefit Moray region?  It could be a business idea, charity event, community project, arts initiative or anything that will help our community. Then why not submit your idea to be presented at this event?  Complete the submission application and email it back to us.

What is “SOUP”?

SOUP is an initiative initially inspired by a research group based in Chicago named InCUBATE.   InCUBATE was set up to explore new approaches to arts administration and funding.  This initiative inspired a group of friends based in Detroit to set up a dinner to try to create the right atmosphere for collaboration, empowerment and the bringing together of a community.


The idea is that people come together to share a dinner and hear people’s ideas.  Everyone makes a donation.  The suggested amount is £5 but anyone can contribute more if they want.  For this, they get to listen to ideas, discuss and debate them, eat and then vote on the idea they like the best. The person or people whose idea gets the most votes wins the pot of money donated at the door (less the cost of the soup ingredients).

This initiative inspired our own Moray SOUP, a crowdfunding initiative with a difference and it is led by business, administration and accounting students along with business and community leaders from Moray.

Supporting the community, led by students! content

Supporting the community, led by students!

SOUP Philosophy

SOUP is a place for people to gather.  SOUP is not the granter of funds.  Our role is to plan a dinner that creates an environment where participants can vote on what project wins the money they contributed at the door.  Each individual who walks through the door is agreeing to grant the money to the project that receives the most votes through the democratic process.  The winner is invited to return and share with the community what they have done with the money at the next SOUP.

SOUP Mission

Our mission is to empower our community and help to create jobs.  We want to create new relationships and networks, promote action, changing and learning.  We want to foster critical dialogue through a democratic and inclusive process and above all, we want to inspire vision and pride in the Moray community.

I’d like to present my idea to Moray SOUP; how do I do that?

Moray SOUP welcomes ideas submissions from all sectors of the community, whether it is a small business start-up, a community project, an arts project, urban agriculture, schools project, clubs or societies and charities, anything. If you have an idea you believe will benefit our Moray community, we want to hear from you.

There is a process for this and it is really easy. Complete the submission application and email it back to us before midnight on 6 October 2017. Our planning board will consider it for presentation at the next SOUP event. If your application is successful, you will be invited to the next SOUP to speak about your idea for 4 minutes.  You can bring friends and colleagues to help you with this.  It is very informal and fun.  There is no technology involved; everyone presenting has the same chance of success!

I want to come along to Moray SOUP, what do I do?

Moray SOUP is open to the public to attend.  Anyone is welcome. We ask that you donate a minimum of £5 in exchange for some soup, bread and a vote. If you are presenting your idea, bring your friends, family and supporters! The more people come along, the more money there will be to help put great ideas into practice.


Doors 5.30pm
Presentations begin around 6pm/6.15pm
Followed by dinner
Award of funds
Close 7.30pm

I want to donate to Moray SOUP

Great! We need donations to keep this initiative going! We need donations of ingredients (or the soup itself if you are a catering organisation), money, venues and so on. Just get in touch with us.

Busking for SOUP

We are aware that there are many talented artists in Moray and we want to support them at our SOUPs. So we have created a busking zone for musicians and artists. As people arrive they will hear music or see a performance or be able to look at some art. We encourage whomever we invite to take this opportunity to have a hat to collect donations. If you want to apply to do this, drop us an email explaining what you do and providing a film, photograph or MP3.  Our planning board will consider all applications and let you know if you have been successful prior to the next SOUP.

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