Digital health sector



Moray is experiencing rapid innovation and growth in Life Science activity, with particular strengths in Digital Healthcare. It benefits from a combined approach through the NHS and Moray Health and Social Care Partnership to health and care, essential in delivering health, social and economic benefits.

Leading the way in Digital Health

Scotland is already the world’s only country with a digital health record for every member of the population. Moray’s population has an integrated health system from hospital to primary care practitioners and social care with the perfect mix of urban and rural communities. The region therefore is ideally placed to be a test bed for the future as it is easy to implement ideas quickly across the area.

There are a number of strands of Life Science activity emerging in Moray. The area has a growing reputation in developing digital technologies to improve service delivery and efficiency. Although these strands have emerged independently, they are complementary and have arisen because of the health ecosystem which puts Moray in a strong position to develop, pilot and test comprehensive digital healthcare models. The Highlands and Islands has a broad supply chain in digital technologies from research through to manufacturing.